Physical Activity and Nutrition

Physical Activity

The main objective of this service is to improve the quality of life of the cancer patient and help them return to their normal life, recovering lost functionalities due to treatment and surgery, and increasing their physical condition. Thanks to the physical exercise programs, the toxicity of the treatments is reduced (pain, loss of muscle mass, nausea, asthenia, depressive disorders, anxiety …) and the patient can face the activities of daily life with less effort.

We propose specific and safe programs of physical activity coordinated by specialists of physical exercise, which affect the acquisition and / or modification of healthy life habits and influence the recovery of integral health.


The latest studies indicate that carrying a “Healthy Lifestyle” decreases the risk of cancer, specifically 25% in the case of colon cancer and 15-22% in breast cancer, two of the most common tumors in Spain.

According to the American Society of Medical Oncology, a person’s diet, being overweight, and obesity are among the most important external factors that affect the risk of cancer.

In our Nutrition area, we have a dietitian-nutritionist specialized in Oncology and Lymphoedema. In the consultation, the oncological patients are evaluated according to the moment in which the disease is present and a personalized diet is prescribed taking into account various factors such as: their life habits, subjective global assessment, clinical history and their anthropometric study.


We are a specialty center for cancer treatment led by Dr. Pedro Valero. His objective is to offer global and comprehensive fundamental attention for oncology patients while, supporting their needs.

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