Oncoavanze Headquarters

The headquarters of Oncovanze is located in Seville, in the neighborhood of San Bernardo

Patient Focus

Accompany the patient during their journey and personalize the patient’s care. We adapt our treatment to each patient circumstances

Physical therapy

Physical activity is key for recovery in those who have been diagnosed with oncological diseases

Professionalism and Empathy

Our experience enables us the ability to better understand the needs of the patients, which allows us to offer the most appropriate treatment

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After each diagnosis, the patient has the possibility of corroborating with other specialists to undergo other assessments

Sport and

We are innovators in physical activity, which we recommend for oncology patients: Nordic Walking and Deep Water Running

Research and
clinical trials

Cutting-edge advances in the field of oncology are produced by the participation in clinical trials and Research and development projects

We offer Comprehensive Oncological Assistance

Oncoavanze is a center of Comprehensive Oncological Assistance that addresses cancer in all phases: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, follow up visits, and recovery. We apply the latest trends in incorporating innovative methods that promotes the recovery of people suffering from both physical and mental diseases.


The scientific advances permits us to be more optimistic in the survival of patients, Oncoavanze is dedicated in making many efforts to improving the quality of life of those who are overcoming a disease

Dr. Pedro Valero

Director médico


We are a specialty center for cancer treatment led by Dr. Pedro Valero. His objective is to offer global and comprehensive fundamental attention for oncology patients while, supporting their needs.

  1. Street Presidente Cárdenas, 8
  2. 41013 Sevilla
  3. Phone: 954 231 459
  4. Email: info@oncoavanze.es

Se ha recibido un incentivo del organismo Red.es, por un importe de 6.000 € financiado por la Unión Europea-Next Generation EU para la realización de proyectos de transformación digital