The services that we offer at Oncoavanze cover the various phases of diseases: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, follow-up and recovery. This way we are able to cover the needs related to early diagnosis, alternative treatments, psychological support as well as the monitoring of the patient’s progression, among others. A contribution that can be vital for the improvement of the patient both physically and mentally.

Aware of the opportunity offered by new technology through screening systems, and the advantages they imply for patients, our specialty is the prevention and early detection of the disease. In the same way, the increase of people who survive cancer has led us to focus on treatments that favor patient recovery.

Oncología Médica

Medical Oncology

Diagnosis, treatment, and treatment of people with tumors benign or malignant.


Second Opinion

Specialized and comprehensive assessment of the diagnosis and treatment of a patient with the disease

Diagnóstico Precoz

Early Diagnosis

Screening tests for the prevention and early detection of some types of cancer

Cáncer hereditario

Hereditary cancer

Analysis of the hereditary predisposition to develop a certain type of cancer before it appears



Individualized psychological accompaniment to cope with the disease

Actividad física y nutrición

Physical Activity and Nutrition

Nutritional and physical activity programs (Nordic Walking and Deep Water Running) to recover health


We are a specialty center for cancer treatment led by Dr. Pedro Valero. His objective is to offer global and comprehensive fundamental attention for oncology patients while, supporting their needs.

  1. Street Presidente Cárdenas, 8
  2. 41013 Sevilla
  3. Phone: 954 231 459
  4. Email: info@oncoavanze.es

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