R&D Projects

R&D Projects

Oncoavanze has as a strategic objective participation in regional, national, and international collaborative R&D projects.

With this type of projects, the exchange of knowledge and experiences between companies, Universities and Research Centers is encouraged. A multidisciplinary working group is created that allows us to introduce new services to improve the quality of life of the oncological patient, and perform basic research to patent new processes.

The main projects and proposals presented are:

Project funded by European Commission (Horizon 2020). Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks. The consortium is formed by University of Dublin (Ireland), University of Deusto (Spain), University of SYDDANSK (Denmark), Salumedia (Spain), Beacon Hospital (Ireland) y Oncoavanze (Spain). Website: https://catchitn.eu Funding: European Commission (Horizon 2020). 

Status: in process

Estado: en ejecución

The consortium is formed by Instituto Cartuja Corporación (Spain), University of Seville (Spain), General Electric Healthcare (USA), InSightec Ltd (Israel) y Oncoavanze (Spain)

Funding: CDTI & Agencia IDEA (Andalusia, Spain) 

Status: Completed

The consortium is formed by Oncoavanze (Spain), University of Seville (Spain), AMINOVITA (Spain), FIUS Foundation (Spain) & Garrigues (Spain)

Funding: private entities

Status: in process

It is a research and innovation action in the Health area (Horizon 2020). The project deals with new approaches focused on the oncological patient for cancer survivors and patients in treatment and in palliative care situation.

The consortium is formed by European Institute of Oncology (Italy) Coordinator, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain), Foundation for Reserach and Technology (Hellas), INSTITUT ZA PLUCNE BOLESTI VOJVODINE, Salumedia Tecnologías SL (Spain), Focus Patient LTD, Oncoavaze (Spain)

Funding: European Commission (Horizon 2020).

Status: approved, not funding

The consortium is formed by University of Seville (Spain), Oncoavanze (Spain) & University of Kent (United Kingdom).

Funding: European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)

Status: Presented


We are a specialty center for cancer treatment led by Dr. Pedro Valero. His objective is to offer global and comprehensive fundamental attention for oncology patients while, supporting their needs.

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