Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology is a specialty dedicated to the comprehensive assistance of the patients with tumors benign or malignant (cancer), which includes the diagnosis, treatment, and the follow up with them.

To cover all aspects, at Oncoavanze we offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of cancer
    Early Diagnosis
  • Genetic counseling for family members of the patients or for people that can have hereditary predisposition to cancer
  • Specialized Oncology Nursing
  • Second medical opinion
  • Telephone service for oncological medical emergencies of our patients

We are a specialty center for cancer treatment led by Dr. Pedro Valero. His objective is to offer global and comprehensive fundamental attention for oncology patients while, supporting their needs.

  1. Street Presidente Cárdenas, 8
  2. 41013 Sevilla
  3. Phone: 954 231 459
  4. Email: info@oncoavanze.es

Se ha recibido un incentivo del organismo Red.es, por un importe de 6.000 € financiado por la Unión Europea-Next Generation EU para la realización de proyectos de transformación digital