Dr. Gracia Megías

Dra. Gracia Megías

Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Seville, Spain (1994-2000). Specialist in Clinical Geriatrics the University Hospital Getafe, Madrid(2002-2004).  Geriatrics Doctorate. University Complutense, Madrid (2002-2004). Palliative Care Master (2010-2011) Aging and Fragility Master (2012-2014)

Board of Directors Member of the Spanish Geriatrics Medicine Society (SEMEG) (2006- present).  Workgroup Member of the Geriatrics and Gerontology Spanish Society (SEGG): Osteoporosis, falls and hip fracture (2012- present).

Gracia has been working for more than 14 years at different Hospitals in the Madrid community, also Acute Geriatrics Units, Palliative Care, Consultation and large/Half stay units. Nowadays she is developing her work at the Sagrado Corazon Hospital, as a member of the ONCOAVANZE group and Internal Medicine Team as a geriatrician.


We are a specialty center for cancer treatment led by Dr. Pedro Valero. His objective is to offer global and comprehensive fundamental attention for oncology patients while, supporting their needs.

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